Triflumax Pour-on

Pour On for Sheep provides control of both Lice and Flystrike in sheep.

  • Rapid Spread for quick results
  • Rainfast after 2 hours, can be applied to either wet or dry sheep
  • Temporary blue stripes to see where you have been (dye is scourable from the wool)
  • Dose rates to suit different breeds for optimal results
  • Can be applied straight off shears, and up to 6 months wool
  • Easy application and fast results from Triflumax’s solvent formulation
  • Developed in New Zealand for New Zealand

DOSE RATE: 1mL/5kg
WHP: Milk 35 Days, Meat 49 Days

Available in 20L, 10L, 5Land 1L packs

Download Brochure / Safety Data Sheet

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